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Fighting for your rights

of a better future.

Law Office of José Alfredo Hernández A.P.C. 



If you have been arrested or have suffered a conviction, we may be able to help you take it off your record. 

Even after suffering a conviction, an attorney can use different methods of seeking post conviction relief to either minimize or clear up the conviction completely. 


  • Some of the ways that we can either minimize or eliminate a conviction are as follows:

  • Petitions for factual innocence

  • Sealing and destruction of records

  • Reduction of a felony to a misdemeanor

  • Expungements Motions to vacate (Sections 1016.5 and 1473.7(a)) 



 Attorney José Alfredo Hernández is ready to review and analyze what the best course of action is in your case. 



You deserve a second chance after a conviction. Call us today! 


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