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The Law Office of José Alfredo Hernández, A.P.C. is a law firm that offers vigorous legal representation in criminal and immigration proceedings. Mr. Hernández has built a reputation of having helped individuals navigate through the most difficult times of their life through an honest, forthcoming and experienced representation. At our office your initial consultation is directly with Mr. Hernández. From day one, it is Mr. Hernández that determines whether he can assist you in resolving your matter and if so, what is the best course of action to take. If he cannot assist you, he will take the time to thoroughly explain why that is the case and offer you guidance on what steps you should take. Criminal and Immigration proceedings can be very intimidating, and without the proper representation individuals can make decisions that have dire consequences that affect the rest of their lives.



The Law Office of José Alfredo Hernández A.P.C handles all aspects of Immigration Law and Criminal Defense. Our vision is  giving clients a satisfying experience with the best possible results. 


Our mission is to provide the most competent US Immigration and Criminal counsel available, keeping families together, hearing your side of the story and acting fast to give clients the chance of a better future.

"We hope when the contract is over, and you will want to refer your friends, family and colleagues to our office for future immigration and criminal defense help."

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